• A local Rotterdam experience for your colleagues in Rotterdam

  • Tailor-made to your wishes

  • fully serviced

  • Indoor and/or outdoor activities

  • Transport and accommodation

  • Groups from 10 – 100 persons

Prices from 

€39,95 p.p

Company events

  • Indoor and/or outdoor team building activities

  • Local hotspots, hidden gems and original stories about Rotterdam

  • Groups of 10 persons, team games optional


Prices from

€29,95 p.p

Team events

  • Would you like to experience the local side of Rotterdam with your friends or family?

  • Discover Rotterdam in a day or a weekend and be amazed at what this vibrant city has to offer!


Prices from

€39,95 p.p

Family & Friends

  • Would you like to know more about Social Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam, sustainability, and about building a better working city together?

  • Tours in Rotterdam Centre, Rotterdam Makers District (West) and Afrikaanderwijk (South)

Prices from

€29,95 p.p

Social impact event 

  • Exclusive Make it Happen city slogan tour

  • Learn about the origin of this International Port City

  • Discover Make it Happen street art

  • Get to know the Rotterdam mentality and DNA. Best captured in words like international, entrepreneurial, raw, worldly, pioneering, no-nonsense.

Prices from

€29,95 p.p

Official Rotterdam. Make it happen tour

  • In collaboration with our partners, we offer tickets for Special events regularly.

  • Partners such as Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Jazz International Rotterdam,

  • Shirma Rouse

  • Follow us on social media for the latest on our special events and buy your own tickets

Prices from

€29,95 p.p

Special Events

  • Discover the “” Kop van Zuid”, our version of Manhattan and “Katendrecht/de Kaap” a former red-light district and our first Chinatown

  • Can easily be combined with the Rotterdam Make it Happen tour with a cool water taxi ride

Prices from

€29,95 p.p

Kop / Kaap tour

  • Cross the airbridge and discover the Northside of Rotterdam

  • Discover ZoHo, The Old North, and Provenierswijk

  • Historical areas, creative hotspots and local Rotterdam breweries,

Prices from

€29,95 p.p

Gateway to North

  • Everything about the most relaxed city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam!Open up to Make it Happen, Building a better city together

  • Open up to realness – The real Rotterdam, raw, bold and courageous!

  • Get to know the Rotterdam mentality and DNA. Best captured in words like international, entrepreneurial, raw, worldly, pioneering, no-nonsense.


On demand

Workshops & Lectures


Rotterdam is the coolest, most vibrant city of the Netherlands.


A city of distinctive character, Rotterdam, is energetic and constantly changing. Rotterdam and its inhabitants never shy away from experimentation. In fact, they would seek it out. Rotterdam has many faces. Like the Nieuwe Maas, a waterway that represents a powerful symbol for the city’s constant motion. Rotterdam is a city where the Make it Happen mentality can be seen and felt.


The Rotterdam mentality and DNA are best captured in words like international, entrepreneurial, raw. Worldly, pioneering, no-nonsense.


Around010 does not take you to the touristic highlights but introduces you to another side of Rotterdam. Hidden gems, local hotspots and we tell you original stories.

All events all tailor-made to your wishes.


Please contact us for our many possibilities!



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