Rotterdam is the coolest, most vibrant city of the Netherlands.


A city of distinctive character, Rotterdam, is energetic and constantly changing. Rotterdam and its inhabitants never shy away from experimentation. In fact, they would seek it out. Rotterdam has many faces. Like the Nieuwe Maas, a waterway that represents a powerful symbol for the city’s constant motion. Rotterdam is a city where the Make it Happen mentality can be seen and felt.


The Rotterdam mentality and DNA are best captured in words like international, entrepreneurial, raw. Worldly, pioneering, no-nonsense.


Around010 does not take you to the touristic highlights but introduces you to another side of Rotterdam. Hidden gems, local hotspots and we tell you original stories.

All events all tailor-made to your wishes.


Please contact us for our many possibilities!

Interview tijdens Rotterdam. Make it Happen Partnerevent in april 2020. Wat doet Around010 Events nu precies?

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